Monday, February 21, 2011

थे लन्गुअगे ऑफ़ love

the language of love

Engaged by the resonances of the language of love. Relying on the tricks of your mind getting you home. You have bought into this marriage thing. For the two years you have been seeing the other. Your mind has spread out; away from you. Has no more plain symbols. Charts or helpful indexes. The last summer lumbered to its inevitable end. The way a song modulates from minor to major chords. Achieving dissonance, consonance, and harmony. Then dies in the listener’s ears. She like the previous summer has already left, without your noticing it. She has no more plans for you this winter. But you have continued to believe in your love for her. Even when her perfume has wafted into the thin blue air. And the magic has died down? Unless you know the quality of your soil: these seeds of your errors can creep upon the path of your feelings. Your small stories already wondering away. And the only story could be the one that lies ahead, of all these small stories of yours.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011



How could I store this material…
On this page, freezing myself from
Unknown meaning maps?

Zen has a corner market
On human nature’s relation
To human mind, the human
Mind that prickles perks at
Some things, you have salvaged
Through a haphazard life.

Since you are conscious of
Yourself as a distinct moment
Then appearance is no different
Than desire and
Intuition is more valuable
Than knowledge.

These human truths are only
Shadows of the real truths
That human nature knows what
It doesn’t know
And it doesn’t know
What it knows
And how can that harm you
Even if it’s not true?

You know you are now the captain of
Your own body, a well lived
Body, learning from the sharp
Cuts and jags you are just
Coming to sad manhood.

Calm now, the universe
Assembles itself
If you ask me
It’s you who is really lost.

Sluices of meanings shows
Balm of naked honesty
Painful with words that make
No meanings, information is
The only key component in
This language game.