Wednesday, October 12, 2011

थे प्रोमिसेस ऑफ़ लव, यौर लव mirror

The promises of love, your love mirror

You stare and stare and it stares back at you. You laugh and it laughs back at you. You also know that whatever your image is. It is feeling the same things that you are also feeling. You aren’t blocked. You aren’t disturbed. You feel yourself entering into this image of yours. You are stuffing it up with all the things that you are feeling. You lock her in your arms. You close the world down. You fold time in. You also kill things from sheer curiosity here! You know you are also making an unconscious effort not to keep staring at this image. You can’t close your inner eyes though. They keep staring at this image that is now deeply embedded inside you. She has become faith to you.

ठिर meeting

Their meeting

It just happened

They were going

The same direction

They never stopped to ask

For directions

Or go separately

They did not compare notes

Try to define the methods

To get there or the end of things

They never thought of love

It just happened

It was beyond time even

Though time had other agents

Ivy, stealthy, prising them

They did not know what moment

Tipped time into abandonment

It just happened

Like two dolphins caught

In the shaft of the moon’s light.